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Introducing Pure//Skill!

Optimize your skill with unmatched choice and flexibility.

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Elite Training

Get full-access to top-tier on-demand training, three Instructor-led sessions, plus exclusive events like Brown Bags and Office Hours with Technical Experts.

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Certification and Pure//Skill

Maximize your skill with a wide range of training and get 12 Certification Prep courses, Certification Vouchers and virtual Instructor-Led training options.

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Your All-Access Passport

Stay ahead with the complete On-Demand Content Library, Hands-On Labs, Technical Webinars, and access to the Premium Community.

An Easily-Accessible, Dynamic, Cost-Effective Approach to Continuous Learning
Interactive and Instructor-Led Courses
Develop in-house expertise through education, certification and enablement opportunities - boost product knowledge and develop in-house teams through instructor-led training and certifications.
Expert Guidance
Learn from Pure customers through Pure Community.
Easy Access
Access always-on training for right-time learning and stay ahead of the curve through webinars and technical office hours.
Track Your Progress
An environment-specific onboarding experience will speed value realization through a detailed roadmap.
Pure Skill Customer Subscription
Customer Access
No Additional Expense
Access to complete On-Demand Content Library
Hands-On Labs
Certification Vouchers
Office Hours with Technical Experts
Technical Webinars
Virtual Instructor-Led Training Options
Access to Premium Community
Pure Fundamentals (On-Demand)
FlashArray Foundations (On-Demand)
FlashBlade Foundations (On-Demand)
Portworx Fundamentals (On-Demand)
Portworx Fundamentals (On-Demand)
FlashArray Darksite
FlashBlade Darksite
Data Storage Associate Cert Prep (On-Demand)
FlashArray Storage Professional Cert Prep
FlashBlade Storage Professional Cert Prep
Portworx Enterprise Professional Cert Prep
Data Protection Professional Cert Prep
FlashArray Implementation Specialist Cert Prep
FlashBlade Implementation Specialist Cert Prep
FlashArray Support Specialist Cert Prep
FlashBlade Support Specialist Cert Prep
Cloud Block Store Specialist Cert Prep
Migration Specialist Cert Prep
Platform Architect Cert Prep
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